Book Review – Science Spirituality and the nature of reality.

After reading a few books from Dr. T.D. Singh, I have come to the conclusion that no one can explain the concepts and theorize the complex interlinked subjects of Science and Spirituality like him. Absolutely amazed by the writing, this book contains informative revelations and approaches that has been made on the world of Science, […]

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Book Review – Eternal Trudges

A collection of beautiful poetry that creates exceptional resonance transcending the common conventions and avowing astoundingly well written and thought provoking poems. I believe this poetry collection stands out for its versatility. The subjectivity certainly makes it a good reading experience because of all the meaningful and inspirational interpretations. An unique writing style that actively […]

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Book Review – Ghosts in our backyard.

The first story/experience pretty much sealed the deal for me. I was literally scared with such vivid picturization of hauntings. It was a spine- tingling beginning to even more tantalizing and jaw-dropping paranormal experiences of The Ramsays. Discovering that are a few things which still remains unexplainable somewhat makes you lean in a little closer […]

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Interview with Bhhagya Shalini.

An interview with Bhhagya Shalini, author of Indigo Earth. It was such a memorable experience talking about such deep and thought-provoking topics. 1) What inspired you to write “Indigo Earth”, tell us a bit about your book? Indigo earth the golden age, satyuga is channeling of Sri Sainath Maharaj by Bhaghya Shalini. Bhagya Shalini has always […]

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Interview with Mr. Alok Joshi

Hello everyone, I hope you are having an amazing January so far. Today, I’m excited to share an exhilarating interview with Mr. Alok Joshi, the author of the book ” Twelve Sweet & Sour Years In China.” Be sure to check out the full interview below and you can also find the link to buy […]

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Book Review – Ferryman.

Book title – Ferryman. Author – Claire McFall. Format – Paperback. Rating – 4 out of 5 stars. Ferryman, is a modern retelling of the ancient Greek myth of Charon, the ferryman of Hades who transported souls to the underworld. It follows Dylan, who dies in a train wreck and meets Tristan, the Ferryman assigned […]

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