Book Review – You Came like autumn.

Author – Purba Chakraborty. Rating – 5/5 This is a story about Nivedita and Samar. Meeting each unexpectedly after four decades in an old-age home, was a pleasant surprise to both of them. However, there’s a bridge that’s brimming with unanswered questions but will the answers suffice for all these years? As the memories begins […]

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Book Review – Yellow Tree.

Yellow tree is a collection of beautifully penned down poetry that encompasses a wide array of emotions such as happiness, grief, heartbreaks, hope, dreams, reality and more. For a person who is seeking solace in the chaos and manipulations of the world, this book is a true gem to behold. The poet has truly captured […]

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Book Review – Surviving You.

A collection that is true, raw and honest. It’s not an easy feat to express the thoughts and situations that caused pain in the past and gave a sense of dilemmas and self doubts, it like scrapping the wounds you knew will hurt. Yet, Danielle was an absolute inspiration, despite all the wrongdoings and heartaches, […]

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Book Review – Gobbledy.

Synopsis Ever since eleven-year-old Dexter Duckworth and his brother, Dougal, lost their mom, everything has been different. But “different” takes on a whole new meaning when, one day just before Christmas (or Kissmas, as they call it), Dexter finds a golden rock in the forest that hatches into an adorable alien. Gobbledy is smarter than […]

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Book Review – The Golden Bird 2.0

A wonderful book that depicts why exactly India has been called as the “Golden bird” and how much it has changed throughout the time. As the pandemic brought a profusion of unexpected changes, here is the account of the financial and economic growth that occurred because of the same. The book begins from the dawn […]

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