Book review – Operation Rudra.

Operation Rudra is the fifth book in the enthralling Shadow Wing series. The time sensitive mission where the stakes are already sky-high, will finally tie up all the best of anticipation and that is where the genius of the novel lies. We follow Aditya Kumar Rathore, an agent of a secret unit called Shadow Wing […]

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Book Review – Spotz The Frenchie.

Author : Kiara Shankar & Vinay Shankar. Rating : 5/5 stars. Spotz the Frenchie is a fun and entertaining comic book that will take the readers on an interesting and amusing adventure. This book encompasses Spotz’s quirky guides to enjoy everything and acquiring good habits as well as qualities such as kindness, selfless, compassion, appreciation, […]

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Book Review – It’s time to rhyme.

Author – Shobha Tharoor Srinivasan. Illustrator – Priya Kuriyan. Rating – 5/5 stars. Publisher – ‎Aleph Book Company (5 April 2022); Rupa Publications India. It’s time to rhyme is a wonderful book imparts the knowledge regarding the various forms of poetry. This is a great insightful book that lucidly explains the world of rhymes and […]

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Book Review – Age of Chaucer.

A brief and analytical inception of an era that describes the commencement of new horizon and rise of emerging English literature. An interesting and insightful book about The Age of Chaucer. Geoffrey Chaucer, a medieval English poet and writer provided the literary world masterpiece works but also as a philosopher, he is praised for his […]

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Book Review – Mysticism.

Mysticism is given the main focus with an extraordinary profound understanding. The holistic manner of approach will help you under two seperate views about the concept of mysticism. The east and west as well as drawing conclusion or open end discussion on scientific discoveries and spiritual experience will predominantly capture the essence of the book. […]

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Book Review – House of Hollow.

Book Title – House of Hollow. Author – Krystal Sutherland. Format – Paperback. Pages Count – 304 Rating – 4/5 My review : This follows three sisters who are glamorized as The Hollow sisters Vivi, Grey and Iris. Ten years ago, on a New Year’s Eve  they disappeared and exactly a month after the incident […]

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Book Review – Wild thing : Embracing childhood traits into adulthood for a happier, more carefree life.

Book title – Wild thing : Embracing childhood traits in adulthood for a happier, more carefree life. Author – Mike Fairclough. Format – Paperback. Page count – 152 pages. Publisher – ‎Hay House Publishers India (15 April 2021); Hay House India Rating – 5/5 An insightful read about how and why is adult routine life […]

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Book Review – That Night.

Book title – That Night. Author – Nidhi Upadhyay. Format – Paperback. Page count – 288 pages. Publisher – Penguin eBury Press. Rating – 5/5 ratings. Description : What happens when an innocent prank goes horribly wrong? Natasha, Riya, Anjali and Katherine were best friends in college – each different from the other yet inseparable […]

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