Book Review – The Genesis Of Seven.

Book Title- The Genesis Of Seven. Book Series – The Empyrean Trilogy. Author- Sara M Schaller. Format – Hardback. Rating – 5/5 The Genesis of seven is the first book in The Empyrean Trilogy. It follows 18 years old Jordan Conway who is entrusted by the head nun of his orphanage for a special mission […]

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Book Review – Pearls of Wisdom

Pearls of wisdom is an elegant compilation of inspiring thoughts and quotes by Swami Vivekananda that will transfigure your view point to perceive positive attitude. Those who have read and understood the power of words, are aware of knowledge and acknowledge the kind motivation that good quotes and sayings inspire within us. And when these […]

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Book Review – Poetry and You.

Poetry and you is a poetry anthology that encompasses a wide array of themes such love, heartbreaks, healing, self – love, self- empowerment, wishes and memories and many more. I could emotionally connected to this poetry collection because each poet’s writing style is incredibly unique and interesting. During my reading, I never once felt this […]

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Book Review – Consciousness : Scientific and Vedantic perspective.

Book title – Consciousness: Scientific and Vedantic Perspective. Author – Dr. T.D. Singh. Format – Paperback. Rating – 5/5 My thoughts : What is consciousness? We certainly have the knowledge of the definition but we aren’t properly aware of its relevance in terms of scientific and Vedantic perspective. Many Quantum physicists, neuropsychologist and other great […]

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Book Review – Surviving You.

A collection that is true, raw and honest. It’s not an easy feat to express the thoughts and situations that caused pain in the past and gave a sense of dilemmas and self doubts, it like scrapping the wounds you knew will hurt. Yet, Danielle was an absolute inspiration, despite all the wrongdoings and heartaches, […]

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Book Review – God is a Person.

Book title – God is a person : Reflections of two Nobel Laureates. Author – Dr. T.D. Singh. Format – eBook. Page count – 148 pages. Rating – 5/5 Publisher: Bhaktivedanta Institute, Kolkata (26 August 2020) This book proves that even the famous personalities that we look up to believe in the presence of God. […]

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Book Review – House of Hollow.

Book Title – House of Hollow. Author – Krystal Sutherland. Format – Paperback. Pages Count – 304 Rating – 4/5 My review : This follows three sisters who are glamorized as The Hollow sisters Vivi, Grey and Iris. Ten years ago, on a New Year’s Eve  they disappeared and exactly a month after the incident […]

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