Book review – Operation Rudra.

Operation Rudra is the fifth book in the enthralling Shadow Wing series. The time sensitive mission where the stakes are already sky-high, will finally tie up all the best of anticipation and that is where the genius of the novel lies.

We follow Aditya Kumar Rathore, an agent of a secret unit called Shadow Wing under DIA. When he and his associate were on a deadly mission, things got out of hand and they ended up in a dangerous situation.

With rounds of a new sickness among the people, the impending perils have upped their game. Because within a few hours of symptoms and diagnosis, the infected people die.

But something doesn’t sit right. And this time it may be a new virus or a methodical terrorist attack, both of which are equivalently alarming.

The sinister acts of a few vicious individuals will demand a high price of justice. With time running out, will Lt. Col. Aditya find a way to save everyone or is it bound to crash in chaos?

An electrifying tale of suspense and danger that will keep you gripped from beginning to end. With a high level of tension and intrigue, the author has masterfully crafted twists and turns that keep you guessing at every turn. The revelations are shocking and coupled with high stake anticipation, this story was simply astounding and impressive. She paces the story like a bullet and brilliantly transports us to the plot effortlessly.

Highly recommend it to the thriller enthusiasts who loves suspense novels with high curiosity and anticipation that aren’t ephemeral by any means.

Rating: 5/5 stars.

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