Book Review – Charioteer Creatures in Mind

This Book is called “Charioteer creatures in mind” written by Abhishek Mishra and published by Maple Press.
So, talking about the book, first things first, the Cover of the book is nice, pretty and simple. It has a brain imprinted on it which the cover look more appealing.🌠
Now, the blurb of the book to give you a little more clarification of things,
Vikram Saha is an agent with the Indian intelligence. A research centre has been carrying out some covert research. Human specimens have been used for these tests. The people subjected to these tests have now acquired a mental illness. There was evidence that these patients were subjected to hypnosis and telepathy. How did these researchers hunt the subconscious mind? When Vikram finds evidence that deep inside the headquarters of the Indian intelligence service, experiments that tap into the minds of others are being carried out, he decides to find the truth. Is the Indian intelligence service on the path to recovering secrets from the brains of their suspects?🌺
The title of the book is “Charioteer creatures in mind”, I think this title is most appropriate for the book and chosen wisely by the Author.🌸

This book deals with psychology and mental illness.
The plot is unique and narration and storytelling is really good.
Characters are well written too.
Also, talking about the language of the book, it is indeed really simple and easy to comprehend.


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