Book Review – Red Seeps.

Author: Sadia Riaz Sehole.

Rating: 5/5

Red seeps is an intriguing collection of thought-provoking poems that reflects the conundrums as well as profound moments of epiphanies.

In conjunction with reality she has also focused on other elements of exploration which provide solace to one’s soul. In this world of competitive understanding we often build a persona that is pleasing to others yet we feel suffocated with them. Our true selves are often hidden and breaded however every one of us seeks freedom and a sense of peace.

Throughout our journey our lives fetch us a plethora of Rocky situations sometimes even chaotic and surely they are over by the Ming but we must remember one fact; we are stronger than our tribulations and struggles. It is important that our resilience and strength get tested every once in a while so that we learn that we are so much more and have immense potentiality to overcome any obstacles.

The poet has a way of creating magic with her words. Has a resonance to all of us because we have been in a situation where we’ve been like all is lost, only to realize that we had it together and the solution was never far away. Through her poems, she has converted the power that each one of us calls if we learn to believe in ourselves despite the doubts and judgment from others. They don’t know us, our struggles and hardships, choices and them judging our decision which was just the tip of the iceberg is not something that should bother you in any way. So the message is crystal clear “Do not give up!”No matter what other think or see you are unique and capable of achieving great things in your life. Have faith that good times are ahead of you.

“In my lonely world
Yet dawns a hope begnin;
An oyster may come
And make me its pearls.”

– Ray.

Red Seeps – Droplets Of Doubt, Destiny and Devotion In Verse


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