Book Review – Mukti – The Salvation by Sanjay Sharma.

Rating : 5/5 stars.

Format – Paperback (ARC)

This is a story that follows a group of fearsome women carried out a well-planned murder of their tormentor and rapist while he was going to be given bail for his crime. He was a repeated criminal, powered by few corrupt law officers and politician who ultimately got he deserved. Delve in the book as it shows what circumstances followed in his past as well as how the women found their Mukti at last.

The timeline of the story went back and forth giving the readers just the right pace for understanding the narration. A masterpiece that should be read by all.

The society will sympathize with the victims but over the course of time, they will either forget or begin to pin the blame on the victims based on various projection such women’s clothing, attitudes and actions. The society has failed to lessen the pain that already putting the girls into a traumatic chain of prisons whereas it’s the rapist who should be punished by the law in a way that will instill the fear of committing such heinous crime in the first place.

Think about the things that as a parent, as a upstanding citizens should teach their boys in order to make them see that what a consent means. Things pinning the label of rapists are above the law, they had a painful childhood, their mentality comes from their status……. No that’s just some lame excuses for entitling them to see girls as just sexual accessories that they can pick and doned on. This must be condemned there is no better way of putting it.

It is my strong belief that the author of the book has certainly ignited a new perspective on this discussion. A victim should not be the one to tolerate such blinkered mindset of the society. It’s the rapist that should be shamed and to be frank I don’t think there should be a place for that person in the society ever again.

A new mindset will bring forth a new dawn for all women to feel safe and secure without feeling judged or given character certificate everytime she steps out her doors.

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