Book Review – Spotz The Frenchie.

Author : Kiara Shankar & Vinay Shankar.

Rating : 5/5 stars.

Spotz the Frenchie is a fun and entertaining comic book that will take the readers on an interesting and amusing adventure. This book encompasses Spotz’s quirky guides to enjoy everything and acquiring good habits as well as qualities such as kindness, selfless, compassion, appreciation, self-love and spreading happiness.

Spotz lives with his best buddies and talks about how he spends his time. He goes on adventures and trips, giving us tips and tricks on how a simple day-to-day activity can be a moment of magic. He teaches us positive ways to balance mind, body and soul to hone focus and creative imagination. To be happy and support equality, celebrating all the festivals with love and joy.

Spotz also emphasizes on the importance of creativity, its encouragement and enchantment. Also a salient section is dedicated towards creating a bucket list and fulfilling it one at a time.

Reading this book was an absolute delight as the main character had so many things to convey through his actions and words. I’m sure, children are going to love him too because he is star. As an author, Kiara always makes sure that the readers enjoy the story and at the same time gain knowledge. My words won’t be enough to describe how beautifully she writes and articulates every book with unique expression of emotions.

I believe that creativity and inspiration are the best ways to think outside the box which aids in coming up with new ideas and opportunities of sharing positivities throughout the world. Kiara Shankar’s books are perfect ones to read as well as gift to children to instill a spirit of innovation and develop a humble personality. Truly an amazing book that opens a pathway for conversations between parents and kids for profound exploration of emotions and opinions.

Definitely a must read!

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