Book Review – You Came like autumn.

Author – Purba Chakraborty.

Rating – 5/5

This is a story about Nivedita and Samar. Meeting each unexpectedly after four decades in an old-age home, was a pleasant surprise to both of them. However, there’s a bridge that’s brimming with unanswered questions but will the answers suffice for all these years? As the memories begins to flood their minds, their heart knows the connection is still stronger than ever and neither one of them have forgotten about the same.

Is it just a mere coincidence or has fate conspired to bring them the happiness of companionship that they deserve? Whatever the cause be, one thing is for certain, miracles do happen, you just to open your eyes to see and feel it all around you.

A heartwarming story of love, hopes and dreams. Through her exquisite writing, the author has showed that life is a kaleidoscope of colors, you cannot always remain in grey, chanel in those beautiful hues, the ones that makes the moments of happiness turn into harmonious composition of memories. When people say time erases all pain they forget to mention the scars that gets left behind. But hope is a powerful pilot navigating through series of events and emotions. The characters were definitely one of the many strong aspects of this book, their dynamics pulled me into the narration, understanding and resonating with them on a profound grounding. I also admire the author’s writing style, she has given beautiful emotions to the characters who are although fictional, feel like real folks. Truly a wonderful reading experience.

Highly recommended it.

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