Book Review – Invincika.

Author : Varun Sayal.

Rating : 5/5 stars.

She tries to save the world …

… but can she save herself?

Invincika is a fantastic superhero action adventure novel with a blend of sci fi. This is the first book in the Superheroes of multiverse series. With a fast paced plot and engaging narration delve to the exciting world of action, superheroes and dangers.

In the city of Swarna, we follow our protagonist Ulka who is training at the Saum monastery for the activation of Sigma gene. While the other disciples have already actively manifested their superpowers, her powers still lay dormant and she is losing her hope.

When Gurudev Saum instruct her to a company him for an important work to the capital city she never anticipated her life to change. When a ballistic weapon is fired, Ulka take a hit that leads to awakening of her powers. With a dangerous Magneter racing towards Earth, the predictable chaos with the enduring potentiality of annihilation was absolutely certain. When the two most powerful and fully trained superhuman are unable to stop it, Ulka and her powers are the remaining chance of stopping the destruction to happen. However it’s not that easy, the looming threats are closing in and her life is in danger as well.

Will she be able to save the world? And who are this people who are head strong on wrecking havoc?

A thoroughly compelling and exceptional action adventure book that left me flabbergasted! The writing style is utterly impeccable, the author’s extraordinary and creative imagination carries the elements of vivid world building, strong protagonist, tumultuous reality, terror and hope working hand in hand and of course mind blowing turn of events that elevated the sense of adventure and ambitious journey. The elaborate description of Ulka’s training and snippets of antagonist’s ulterior motives where my favourite parts of the book. The author has explored each and every aspect and created characters that were fleshed out, without spinning any dull moment. The visually enticing scenes are powerful enough to impress and satisfy all the adventurous souls out there. The narration neatly encapsulates Varun Sayal’s spectacular storytelling aptitude. His flair to brilliantly introduce remarkable action is nothing short of a prime example of an incredible talent that was definitely an intriguing reading experience unlike anything. My favorite character apart from Ulka, is Yagni, she has got a personality that I absolutely adore. I enjoyed this book a lot and after reading that epic cliffhanger, I cannot wait to the next book in this magnificent book series.

Kudos to the author who brought this wonderful story out in the world for us to read. I am super excited to know how the story going to go in the second book.

Amazon book purchasing link : Invincika: A Superhero Action Adventure Series (Superheroes of the Multiverse Book 1)

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