Book Review – It’s time to rhyme.

Author – Shobha Tharoor Srinivasan.

Illustrator – Priya Kuriyan.

Rating – 5/5 stars.

Publisher – ‎Aleph Book Company (5 April 2022); Rupa Publications India.

It’s time to rhyme is a wonderful book imparts the knowledge regarding the various forms of poetry. This is a great insightful book that lucidly explains the world of rhymes and poems that would jumpstart the imagination of the young, curious minds. Learning the different structures of poetry basically involves the elements of lengths and meters. It may seem daunting but Shoba ma’am’s extraordinary writing style will make every bit of acquiring this comprehension, fun and easy.

The cute and adorable illustrations are cherry on top. They are visually equivalent to the insights shared in this book. There are poetry and other general as well as marvelous English topics that would be significant in the learning process of the children it provides an opportunity to explore the joys that this language has to offer.

The author has also emphasized on the facts that poetry help us find a voice that is unit and when put to verses, they can wonderfully create their own world of satisfaction and peace. It should be enjoyed by all regardless of the age and it is an activity that actively revolutionizes your creative ability and focuses on putting your emotions and feelings on to the paper. The contain secrets and revelations moments of choice and the monumental happiness of surprises. They can help you understand another person’s point of view does helping you in widening your horizon.

This was one of the best book that I read this year. I would definitely recommend it to everybody especially to the parents and the teachers.

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