Book Review – Avocado.

Author – Ujjawal Verma.

Genre – Poetry.

Rating – 5/5 stars.

Avocado is a thought-provoking collection of poems focusing on emotions such as love, grief, trauma, hope, rediscovering, transformation and more. The poet has proven that words hold immense power and they can make or break a person. These profound poems are not boorish rather they are heartfelt and sincere, giving the readers an opportunity to explore their emotions and sentiments in an unbiased manner.

He expounds that whether it’s love or grief, every emotion has layers and peeling them off requires time, patience and perseverance. The path of healing and transformation is filled with obstacles that maybe seem irrelevant to others however to the person who is going through that phase knows the reality of it all.

The writing style of the poet is so soothing and sublime that it is impossible to feel each and every word that the poems convey. His poetry are compelling enough to transport into a magical realm of hopes and happiness.

You can really feel the efforts that he has put into his book. The themes of self confidence, believing in one’s potential and ability to rise beyond the prejudices and doubts along with central ideas forms the essence of the collection. Even after heartbreak and all the tribulations and struggles, always believe that the universe has all the beautiful plans for you. Such extraordinary thoughts were thoroughly explored in this book and readers are free to interpret these with their own understandings. Reading this book was astounding experience and I would recommend every poetry admirers to pick this up for your next read, trust me you won’t regret it!

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