Book Review – 30 times when your conscience needs you.

Author : Aarushi Jain.
Rating : 5/5 stars.

Our conscience knows us much better than anyone. It knows what directs and drives us into situations. However, leading a fast life and high end lifestyle we are taming and diminishing its worth over uncertainty and ignorance. In this book, the author speaks about new challenges reeling new opportunities for growth, positive mindset bringing positive responses, illuminating the world with hopes, warmth, love and understanding. She also emphasizes on working towards making this world a better place to live in and if we put our thoughts and ideas to a good use, they will yield good outcomes that is beneficiary to not only to us but also others who are actively involved in our lives. She also strongly speaks on emotions having the ability to influence our actions and activities as well as the importance of gratitude which encourages others to reciprocate the good in one way or another.

It’s absolutely rare to find books that follows a journey where you learn to read between the lines. Between the pages of a book, you gain an insight that worthy of acquiring and a friend who understands you. Sometimes you read something that going to make realise the value and reality of life. That’s how you know that you have found a treasure trove of a book. This book had that similar feeling that I aforementioned. I took this beautiful journey into book, delving deeper without any prior mindset however by the conclusion I realised the change it instilled in me. Simply astounding! The writing style is magnificent, she will make readers ponder over situations and how varied consequences can impact one’s own life.

This book was a life-changing reading experience. With such vivid valid and prominent descriptions as well as the author’s incredible writing ability, this book can alter any negative and degrading perspective into optimistic ones. Her powerful explanations will creat impactful and pragmatic reverberation that will give you a boost of confidence and courage to take the next step for a prosperous life.

This holistic approach to access and implement efforts to make our mind and body attain optimal well-being should always be our priority. Our thoughts and actions shape our days, the author asks us to focus on taking those small steps which are essential for living a life that would be exemplary to others and most importantly to you. And finally, let us not ignore the gentle knocks that our conscience is sending us. Let us act with love and hope spreading positivity and happiness.

Amazon link – 30 Times When Your Conscience Needs You.

Description :

Every individual comes across various milestones as he/she moves ahead in the journey of life out of which some bring hapiness and some trouble. 30 Times When Your Conscience Needs You is a collection of 30 chapters wherein the author has described a different way to look at a particular situation with a new perspective and way of analysing things. As the readers go through the book, they meet a long lost friend who is in need of them.

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