Book Review – The Burden of affection.

Rating – 5/5 stars.

The Burden of Affection is a gracefully penned poetry that paints a picture that speaks about serenity, emotional corollary and other significant sentiments that puts our mind and soul in unison. A delicately woven and intricate well-written poetry about love and commitment.

Having read her previous book titled “A Garage Sale of Lovelorn Things”, I definitely had high expectations from this book as well. And the author marvelously surpassed my expectations. She is totally fluent in reading the profound emotions that conveys the most serene and beautiful sentiments of love and acceptance. Her words will transport you to a world filled with hope, loving oneself with all the scars and simply healing the wounds while believing that there is something great waiting for you. The pain and loneliness should never make regret the happy moments because we are going to experience all kinds of emotions in this lifestyle, it’s upto us to see the brighter side that is significant covered in sunshine and warmth. These are a few things that I learnt from this book.

If you’ve read her first book, then you can well aware of the fact that her poetry is absolutely impeccable. In this book, you will find hopes and reasons to love, the comforting as well as conflicting emotion that makes you recognize the reality of life.

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