Book Review – Yellow Tree.

Yellow tree is a collection of beautifully penned down poetry that encompasses a wide array of emotions such as happiness, grief, heartbreaks, hope, dreams, reality and more. For a person who is seeking solace in the chaos and manipulations of the world, this book is a true gem to behold.

The poet has truly captured the essence and compelling nature of our sentiments in the most realistic manner. A gentle reminder that we are here and our emotions are valid, the sad and the happy moments, each one of them brings us closer to our own self. They pave way to memories and that’s why the poet conveys that all of your feelings are essential for you to progress and prosper. Delving into this book was an extraordinary reading experience.

And I’m sure, when I’ll return to read this book again in the future, I will find something afresh everytime. Each poetry represents the emotional acceptance which resonated with me. The manner in which his poems gravitates towards instilling a sense of profound understanding of the situation is something quite remarkably well done.

One thing is certain, the poet wrote these mesmerizing poetry with all his heart and soul. He made the words carry the weight of emotions and feelings so that it’s going to echo in the minds of readers even after completing the book. It was simply a wonderful experience that will stay with me for a very long time and this is a must read if you are crazy for soul- stirring poetry.


Yellow Tree

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