Book Review – Mythological Monologues.

Rating – 5/5 stars.

A fantastic book that encompasses dramatic monologues from the epic characters of Mahabharata and Ramayan. The author has definitely outshone her incredible writing style by mesmerizing me with such vivid monologues that it was breathtaking experience. Comprising of 26 such interesting and profound narrations, we are given glimpses of certain situations of these epic scriptures to spread the word of putting things on a different perspective thus broadening the horizon of thinking.

The book is curated in such an extraordinary manner and the poetic verses wonderfully establishes a sense of heartfelt emotions and sentiments. Her expressions are deep and they conveyed the messages of love, just, hope and warmth in the world where injustice, cruelty, sabotage, egoistic intentions are still prevalent.

All these monologues carried an ethereal feel which were absolutely sublime, giving me an opportunity to understand and appreciate the author’s efforts to bring the conflicting situations sustaining the crescendo of thought provoking reconsiderations.

“The Soul can never be disjointed from the Super Soul. Radha is in Shyam Shyam is in Radha His Divine name entwined with mine, Together we will be called Radhe Shyam till the end of time.”

This is a beautiful snippet from one of the monologues that clearly speaks on the exquisite writings, representing the finest and most importantly insightful reflections. “Mythological Monologues” is a perfect book who love a fusion of poetry focusing on mythological and spiritual juncture.

Mythological Monologues: 26 Dramatic Monologues of Epic Characters from Ramayana and Mahabharata

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