Book Review – Letters from the soul.

Rating – 5/5 stars.

Every time, I experience a déjà vu moment, I feel the euphoria of my soul. Whatever goes away returns back~ The same book in a new cover The same words in a new tune; The cycle continues And we call it A miracle.

Purba Chakraborty.
(Letters from the soul.)

Letters from the soul, created through significant juncture of utter reflection and emotions conveying the right words that can sooth and mend your heartaches and sorrows. A journey of healing, towards making oneself believe in miracles of hope and love that is found in abundance.

A strikingly well-written poetry with beautiful portrayal of emotions. I really fell in love with the poetess incredible writing style because she has not only surprised me with different poetry styles but also the unique resonance to the poems that I felt deep within myself. The book is sectioned into four sections and soulful journey begins with autumn taking us through different seasons and finally ends with summer. Each poem is written in such an extraordinary manner that it is impossible to not become enamored with all of them.

The poetess way of expressing a feeling through a compilation of words is absolutely impeccable. It’s like a healing process and through her experimental poetry styles you’ll feel a sense of serenity and peace unlike anything else. Each poem is like magic, talking to your soul and uniting it to the realm of exquisite circumambient of self-love and fortitude. If you are an ardent poetry enthusiastic, then I highly recommend Letters from the soul.

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