Book Review – Man & Nature.

I’ve been reading books such as this one a lot lately but Dr. T.D. Singh sir, always comes up with new topic which amazes me everytime. This book focuses on re-evaluating our general knowledge and ideas regarding nature and along with its vast evolution which was timeline in a well established pattern.

The idea of what is nature and how it is theorized in many ways has been greatly expounded on. Significantly the author has included both science and spirituality in this explaining that with a profound development in the scientific approach such as laws of physics, chemistry, genetics, mechanics, gravitational force and many more has put our perspective on nature to put it under science category. Proceeding to a more deeper and detailed information on Vedanta, and how much vast its ocean of wisdom and knowledge is, the author takes us through these concepts in a lucid manner.

My favorite section of the book is Vedantic Paradigm. This explains that the paradigm primarily consists of two aspects – material nature and spiritual nature. The entire book is filled with famous quotes and sayings by philosophers, Noble Laureates, scientists, physicists and more which adds an excellent charm to the pertaining topics.

Rating – 5/5 stars.

Amazon link – Man and Nature (Vedanta and Science)

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