Book Review – Reality of God’s existence.

RATING – 5/5

With a profound understanding and introduction to Vedanta, we begin our reader’s journey towards the reality of God’s existence and expressing that Vedanta as the end of knowledge, which ultimately begins and culminates in the realization of the existence of the Supreme Being. The first approach is the spiritual clarification and then moving forward to the scientific commentary which focuses on the Vedantic epistemology and other relevant scientific approaches.

The scientific approach was vastly well-written and established a statement that no one can deny because it holds the truth. The limiting factor in the explanation of existence of God has been attributed to the fact of bottoms- up scientific and philosophical approaches. Reasoning out many factors, the author explores and describes many experiments and fundamental viewpoints. My favorite section was Einstein’s Conception of God and Limitations of Bottom-Up Approach which briefly explained his fascination with mystery.

What I like about this book is that the author not only prove the existence of Bottom- Up approach but also demonstrated Top- Down approach with the synthesis and the existing scientific paradigms as well as the concepts were described in a lucid manner to build a fundamental progression between science and spirituality. Coming to my favourite part of this section was the Different degrees of realisation of God.

This is a well written and well researched book that would satisfy the curious minds of readers.

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