Book Review – Age of Chaucer.

Rating – 5/5 stars.

A brief and analytical inception of an era that describes the commencement of new horizon and rise of emerging English literature.

An interesting and insightful book about The Age of Chaucer. Geoffrey Chaucer, a medieval English poet and writer provided the literary world masterpiece works but also as a philosopher, he is praised for his thought provoking subject matter. As a profound understanding into the achievements about The Age of Chaucer, the author has vividly expressed the details of the literary works, appreciating the transitional ability of creating literary works that has amazed the curious minds since the beginning. I am in complete awe of the author’s writing as he discovers the layers and persistent occurrences and events that made Age of Chaucer one of the famous and significant period of all times. The contributions of various writers to the English as well as other languages is immensely appreciated as they paved the path for noteworthy influences.

Expressing the magnificent literary characteristics of this transitional period, the book also conveys the social, political and religious alternation that not only decided to uphold the great movements but also plagued by the Black Death ravaging through the period. The exploration and flourishing of English prose lead the way for the Biblical translation of John Wycliffe and various other significant contributions, all of these topics are well written and explained by the author in this book.

I really appreciate the manner in which the author has written and elucidated the whole content on the topic of Age of Chaucer. He starts off from the beginning, aware to include the glorious literary contribution and also incorporate the socio-political events that took place during the historic period. A true masterpiece work and a must read for all the students who are pursuing their career in English language and literature.

Amazon book purchasing link – Age of Chaucer: (BOOK 1)

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