Book Review – Life and origin of the universe.

Rating : 4/5

Life and origin of the universe is a wonderful book that brings to the beginning of the the universe and all questions related to it. With the introduction section of the first part, I got the clear idea of the definition of Vedanta and the philosophy behind it and the same time the incorporation of evolution of consciousness has been explained in a chronological order. In the second section we are introduced to the origin of the universe along with concepts such as The Big Bang, general theory of relativity, Quantum mechanics and many more.

The writing of this book is absolutely unique and interesting. There are so many questions that usually rattle our minds and finding answers to those questions becomes difficult but here the author has explained that with such simplicity and ease along with translations which are really beneficial to those who cannot understand the complex aphorisms.

I am literally amazed by these significant books by Dr. T.D. Singh. His vastness mastery and awareness about Vedanta along with Science and spirituality evolution and interconnections is absolutely impeccable. Every time he brings forth something new that would put an everlasting impression and also help me understand the intriguing universe and its working. Really a wonderful reading experience.

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