Book Review – Mysticism.

Rating : 4/5

Mysticism is given the main focus with an extraordinary profound understanding. The holistic manner of approach will help you under two seperate views about the concept of mysticism. The east and west as well as drawing conclusion or open end discussion on scientific discoveries and spiritual experience will predominantly capture the essence of the book.

The book starts off with the fundamental question which is the etymology of mysticism. All the definitions basically connects to the universal realities to the religious experience and knowledge that goes beyond the ordinary perception of being/life. It has been established in the most subtle and lucid manner so as to avoid any doubts regarding its derivation. The imaginary numbers that evolved with the history still carries out significant contribution to the world in the discovery of new inventions and solving problems with the interpretation of complex numbers.

To explore and expand on the relationship between both viewpoints, the author has significantly provided many scientists, physicists, philosophers, scholars words and phrases which can very prove the salient points revolving around mysticism.

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