Book Review – Heavenly hymns.

Rating- 5/5

Heavenly Hymns is an engaging anthology comprising of poetry by multiple contributors. Beautifully written and curated in an immensely harmonized manner that it provided an extraordinary reading experience.

I believe that books are extraordinarily powerful because they can not only bring ideas to a creative mind but also provide relief during stressful situations and Heavenly hymns is one such book where I find solace. This was a great anthology with themes such as hope, dreams, love, dedication, devotion, happiness, blessings and many more. Each poem was incredibly well-written and the emotions that it conveyed was simply outstanding.

Life doesn’t always means pleasant dreams, at times it shows the ugly pretences and travesties but never lose sight of your courage. It can make you believe in yourself and sieve the reality faster than anything. When life knocks you down with the worry, stress and uncertainty of your capabilities then books like Heavenly hymns alway come to rescue. I was looking for a book which would motivate me, making me look beyond the common complications of life and inspire me to see the silver lining and this book was just what I needed.

This is a must read for all the poetry readers. Highly recommended it.

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