Book Review – Life and spiritual evolution.

Rating : 5/5 stars.

An evolutionary book that is a must read for any curious reader. One of the best aspect of this book was it begins with the fundamental concepts and then gradually transit to more complex and deeper topics. There are articles and saying of many famous scientists, philosophers and more. Along with these fascinating information, the unique blend of Vedanta and Vendantic Cosmology provides a rather intriguing reading experience. Dr. T.D. Singh’s insights are truly marvellous and it is gripping to see how each time he brings forth the importance aspects of spirituality and explains the vast expansion of Vedanta.

Accompanied with simplified diagrams and explanations this refreshing holistic book encompasses the magnificent evolution of consciousness scientific contributions and enquiries towards the existence of life and the importance of Vedanta for a deeper understanding and nature of life itself. This enormously explorative account it has a high significance of influence and descriptive understanding of how spirituality and science are aptly related since the very inception.

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