Book Review – Consciousness : Scientific and Vedantic perspective.

Book title – Consciousness: Scientific and Vedantic Perspective.

Author – Dr. T.D. Singh.

Format – Paperback.

Rating – 5/5

My thoughts :

What is consciousness? We certainly have the knowledge of the definition but we aren’t properly aware of its relevance in terms of scientific and Vedantic perspective. Many Quantum physicists, neuropsychologist and other great personalities/ pioneers have shared their delineation in lucid manner. Here in this book every aspects related to consciousness have been explored and presented in a uniquely intriguing manner.

Accompanied with colourful vivid diagrams, experiments and analysis along with famous personalities quotes and with many more such interactive graphics, this book is holistic in its every approach. The research to understand consciousness is still in progress and to understand it to a T will be a laborious undertaking however the great minds of both Science and Spirituality haven’t step down from it rather they have been progressing in an outstanding manner

In my opinion Consciousness : Scientific and Vedantic perspective must be included in the curriculum of High school studies because it contains information that can shape our minds and make us more aware of our conscious acts as a whole and not just a fragmented component. So it not provide the fundamental discussion and timeline but also incorporates The spectacular advancement made in the neuroscience, molecular biology and biochemistry, all of which are essential to learn about.

Book purchasing link – Consciousness – Scientific and Vedantic Perspectives

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