Book Review – Life, matter and its interactions.

Another insightful book by Dr. T.
D. Singh. (His Holiness Bhaktisvarūpa Damodar Swami) in this work we delve deeper into the questioning and theorizing all aspects of life. Incorporating a wide array of scientific features and view points we are given a proper scientific approach to the question about birth, evolution and interactions of various elements throughout our lifetime.

The book begin with New Scientists’ 10 unanswered questions “The Mysteries of Life.” And the author added three more question to that. Those particular 3 were the ones that I too have pondered on for a very long time. Accompanied with diagrams, informative and comparative tables, illustrations and famous personalities quotes this was a holistic approach to addressing and understanding the life in all its relevance.

There was a section, a table explaining two alternative views of the absolute truth, it was my favourite part of the book because as far as contradictions go, they were conveyed in a lucid format so that we could understand them properly. I absolutely loved this book and would definitely recommend it to the ones who are curious about life and its interactions with the other factors that influences our overall well-being.

Amazon book purchase link – Life, Matter And Their Interactions

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