Book Review – Surviving You.

A collection that is true, raw and honest. It’s not an easy feat to express the thoughts and situations that caused pain in the past and gave a sense of dilemmas and self doubts, it like scrapping the wounds you knew will hurt. Yet, Danielle was an absolute inspiration, despite all the wrongdoings and heartaches, she never let go of hope, a hope that everything will be ok. Through her poems, she has created an empowering viewpoint to the moments when you feel something broke within you without any noise but the echoes of that bad memory is heard throughout the lifetime. Her poems are the reverberations of strength and courage that is needed to move ahead in the future.

The book is segmented into four parts : The breaking, the aching, the healing and the making. Her writings are so beautifully penned down. It definitely shows she is a person who has seen the worst of times, heartbreaks and despair but never let the hope to disappear from her life. She understands pain and to elucidate that in terms of writing is extremely brave because people are going to read those moments, it’s like you’re putting your heart out to the world. As a poetry reader, books such as Surviving You is a gem.

Rating – 5/5

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