Book Review – God is a Person.

Book title – God is a person : Reflections of two Nobel Laureates.

Author – Dr. T.D. Singh.

Format – eBook.

Page count – 148 pages.

Rating – 5/5

Publisher: Bhaktivedanta Institute, Kolkata (26 August 2020)

This book proves that even the famous personalities that we look up to believe in the presence of God. There are mysteries that our modernized and pragmatic approaches were left baffled with. Reading this book provided an exceedingly fascinating insights into the world of how science and spirituality have be closely associated. From Nicholas Copernicus to Micheal Faraday and Albert Einstein to Srinivasa A. Ramanujan, Dr. T.D. Singh showed the various stances and writings from many holy scriptures that supports and establishes the affirmations of realisation of God.

This book incorporates two dialogues of Dr. T.D. Singh with Charles Townes and William Philips. Both of the aforementioned personalities are Nobel physicists whose contributions have extensively and immensely shaped our modern technology. For the more the book is sectioned off into four parts namely Perceiving God, Introduction, importance of science – religion dialogue and personal interaction with God, Laser cooling of atom and the role of a personal God.

From time immemorial there has been a debate that science and religion cannot be used equally in a sentence for mounting to the contradictory thoughts. However, Dr. T.D. Singh shows us that the perception can be altered provided the fact that the concept and research are given enough clear path to flourish together. This was quite an extraordinary reading experience and I was completely emerged in the the conversation that it took place in the book. I got a chance to witness some of most vital answers to the questions that I had before and about especially the Vedantic tradition, this was utterly fascinating.

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