Book Review – Wild thing : Embracing childhood traits into adulthood for a happier, more carefree life.

Hello everyone, today I am delighted to share my thoughts on a book that is published by the hay house publishers. An informative and captivating read about embracing the childhood traits in order to lead a a optimistic and happier life.

Book title – Wild thing : Embracing childhood traits in adulthood for a happier, more carefree life.

Author – Mike Fairclough.

Format – Paperback.

Page count – 152 pages.

Publisher – ‎Hay House Publishers India (15 April 2021); Hay House India

Rating – 5/5

An insightful read about how and why is adult routine life is progressing into boring and monotonous lifestyle and how by awaking inner child you can learn so many things. This was such a wonderful book that explains how the child imagination plays an important role in shaping the adults life as well as how we can grasp certain situations and opportunities by looking at it while trying figuring out what the child in that situation do.

The author has also included various inspirational quotes by famous personalities the show the importance of childhood imagination. He also delves a few personal events from his life which inspired him. Furthermore, he moves forward by explaining why you must stay away from negative messages that are outrageously harmful to your mental health and overall well-being. If you want harness the happiness learn to be more imaginative and creative like the childhood games that were invented in the spur of the moment. At the end each chapter, he pointers “top tips” that can be easily incorporated into our lives.

When you were a child there was no boundary to your imagination, but over the time we were expected to give up that imagination in order to live like a grown up. Why should you put a limitation on the imagination that you used to have, the spontaneous and easy going, adventurous quest be diminished to the orthodox expectation to never fail? Why not carry it with the same enthusiasm and love? I love the fact that the author specified on how as adults, we forget to enjoy and lead a carefree life without any pressure or inhibitions. We could go around blaming the tedious, demanding race to achieve the goal oriented and mechanical lifestyle but in end of it all it mounts to the lost times when we had the choice to choose the road that was unknown, mysterious and all together curiously exciting. We forget to reciprocate the boon of living, the gift of life itself. So, tap into your inner child and see the world that’s full of magic and memories.

I would definitely suggest every reader to read this book because believe it or not, we are in dire need of such thought-provoking books to cultivate a more optimistic vision of a better world. Wild Thing is a page turner for me and I know for a fact that I’ve learned so much about significance of embracing and reconnecting to inner child.

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About the author : Mike Fairclough is the head teacher of West Rise Junior School, Eastbourne, UK. He has had a range of TV and national press coverage and is a published author and a columnist for Tes, a UK-based education publication.

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