Book Review – 21 fantastic failures.

21 fantastic failures is….. Wait for it…. absolutely fantastic! Everytime we see a famous personality, we only perceive their success or the winning streak that they hold, however, just like every success story there is a past of disappointing failures which seems to be lost to the general folks. Sonali Misra, through her book has exquisitely brought those struggles and failures of the some of the most biggest and recognisable personalities to light, to help inspire us and empower the readers that failures can be deemed as learning experience and not as the end of one’s definition of living the life in a perfect manner. Being flawed isn’t something that needs to be hidden and every talent gets honed over time and determination.

Throughout the book, she briefly talks about their lives and choices that shaped their future, how they were able to rise from the ashes of their respective fights like a phoenix to inspire millions through their efforts, words and actions. The author of this book gave well researched and impeccable insights encompassing individuals such as authors, inventors, scientists, freedom fighters and many more. A truly unique and powerful read with a decisive part in the consequential and well rounded future.

What this book taught me is that while we remain focus on the future, let us take notes of the struggles that highlights our journey never forget the importance of the same. They have a lot to teach us, only if we are willing to keep our minds open. You have a choice, either let failure rule us or believe in ourselves and welcome the positive reverberation within. We are encouraged to always pick the later, just like the 21 fantastic people in this book.

I’d definitely recommend this to everyone.

Rating – 4/5 ratings.

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