Book Review – The Good Neighbour by R.J. Parker.

The story follows Leah, who accidentally hits a deer on a torrential rainy night with her car on a country road. Unable to contact the police or her husband, she seeks help and shelter from a neighbour. Enters Martin Tate, the handsome and charming neighbour who is a tad too friendly with her, albeit realising something’s wrong, Leah leaves as soon as help arrives but not without harbouring a secret that’d change everything.

The next day the owner of the same house is found murdered, however Leah gets to know that Tate is not the owner but is the prime suspect of the aforementioned murder.

What happens when Tate starts to manipulate and blackmails Leah? Every second feels halted and to prolong the nightmare, Tate plots a web of miserable circumstances for her. Can Leah race against time and wield the chance in her way, saving the people she loves? Chances are bleak as Martin Tate becomes more violent leaving a trail of horrendous crimes in his wake.

A fast – paced twisty thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Even with only a few characters the author amplified the entire suspense level to great extent and created a heart racing and compelling storyline. Tate’s sudden interest and involvement in Leah’s life was kept a mystery until the very end and the climax was villainously savage. A total unexpected turn of events. I loved this book and raced through it within a few hours.

Rating – 4 out of 5 stars.

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