Book Review – Not your traditional kavita.

Author – Dr. Anam Fatima.

Format – Paperback

Rating – 5 out of 5 stars.

With a collection of diversified topics and themes, Not your traditionally kavita is an unique poetry book containing both English and Hindi poetry. I think the title is aptly named it certainly defy the general style of poetry writing style.

Not traditional kavita is an epitome of excellent concoction of feelings and thoughts. I liked the fact the author has significantly penned each poem with simplicity. Reading the book gave a sense of understanding and patience of good virtues reaping positive outcomes. Her book embodied her words “Jo bhi hai dil se hai” rightfully and this book will definitely win your heart because through her poetry you can sense that feeling that you aren’t alone, I kind of felt that the contents of this book is something that is close to her heart. She has poured her heart in each line, making it an impeccable read.

The poetess has successfully manage to create just the right blend of fascination and
admiration. With the pages, I found section of poems which were quite relatable. I hope that she writes more books with the same enthusiasm and determination because we need books such this that offer that little bit of heaven among the chaos of the universe.

If you are into poetry genre, then this is a must read. I’ll recommend this book to everyone.

Book buying link : Not Your Traditional Kavita

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