Book Review – The Austen Girls.

Book title – The Austen Girls.
Author – Lucy Worsley.
Rating – 5 out of 5 stars.

A wonderful novel set in 1806 in Georgian England that follows Fanny and Anna Austen. Their aunt Jane love them both equally and as they come of age, they are asked to attain formal dance parties to find themselves a suitable life partner or according to Fanny’s mother find a wealthy and respectable gentleman who can take care of everything. As they are introduced in various parties, these Austen girls are about to discover life and love for the first time and it’s going to change everything.

What follows is a beautiful narration of finding your place, placing your opinions unbashed like their Aunt and an unexpected mystery.

I adore this book. I have read Jane Austen’s books and reading this just reminded me how much I loved stories from this era. Fanny and Anna are different in their personalities and yet their sisterly relationship is just as strong as any other. I love how Aunt Jane’s character was always encouraging the girls to do right and never bow down to distress and the societal prejudices. As the story moves forward you’ll meet new characters who may or may not fall in love with. A cosy book that i enjoyed with all my heart.

If I had to describe this book in one sentence it would be – going on an adventure with wonderful characters. And with an unpredictable mystery and Fanny’s kind-hearted personality, The Austen Girls was one of my most captivating read of this year.

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