Book Review – How to kill a billionaire.

Rating – 5 out of 5 stars.

How to kill a billionaire is a legal thriller with a well-done courtroom drama. When a famous billionaire’s son goes missing the immediate suspicion falls on the lawyer who threatened him previously. A case is registered against him but somehow it’s more than just a missing case. A conspiracy and an act of vengeance takes root and goes deep under than what it seemed.

This book doesn’t follow the usual format where you have a clear guess of the plot and other details instead it’s completely ambiguous. And as the story is told in first person narrative, you see the story unveiled in a series of events with ample focus on character arc. By the middle of the novel everything gets ramped up; the real motive, clever manipulations and a plan devised specifically to trap the people who wronged an innocent.

A thrilling and sensational book which will keep you on the edge of your seat. This isn’t like any other suspense book that I have read, yes there is a mystery presented to us but the way how the author handled the execution of the plot is simply amazing. Masterful and to be fair this book has all the great potential to become an tv series. You can do your best to find out the next move but trust me the outcome is going to be totally different. Thriller such as this can only make the reader crave for more and I’m hoping the author continues to bring forth more books such as this.
TW : Sexual assault, strong language.

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