Book Review – Sakina.

Book title – Sakina.

Author – Sabina Samad.

Format – PDF.

Page count – 78 pages.

Rating – 5 out of 5 stars.

The book contains thoughts on good vibe, beliefs and positive approach towards the difficulties and hurdles in lives. Reading this will definitely boost your confidence levels as the author’s words encourages the readers to never give up or loose hope and most importantly learn to love yourself and believe in the power of forgiveness.

While the book focus on elevating the burdens of feeling incompetent, it doesn’t forget that the journey is long and harbouring grudges will only harm your own state of mind, therefore suggesting to show your humanity.

I loved the writing style, it was lucid and interesting as well. Sakina is a wonderful book that’s a must read, in my opinion. Highly recommend!

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