Book Review – His scream queen.

Book title – His scream queen.
Author – Brooklyn Ann.
Format – MOBI.
Page count – 218 pages.

Pub date – 23 April 2020
Publisher – Boroughs Publishing Group.

Someone is kidnapping animals and killing them mercilessly.

When Brittney dumps Lucio, he wants revenge. But he cannot do this alone, he needs help. Enters Jamie, a girl who is relentlessly bullied by the popular girl herself. Lucio, when explained his own plan of making Jamie the prom queen and snatch ing the title from Brittney, she is dubious. Still she agrees to his crazy plan. But as they spend time together, Lucio starts to fall for her and surely that wasn’t in the plan.

On the other hand, Brittney is dead serious in securing her spot and will go to any extend to keep it that way. Even if it means killing a few innocents in the process. Her actions are backed up by some dark and corrupted force that should not have been meddle with on the first place. But its too late for that.

What happens when the supernatural gets unleased? The summoner was never in control but sure enough was be a host for him.

If you are a fan of slasher movies or novels then you must give this book a shot. When I read the blurb, I thought Lucio is the bad guy but as it turns I was wrong. I liked Lucio and Jamie, they were amazing lead characters. The first half was a little slow but the second half of the book, in my opinion was fast paced and the climax scene was absolutely fantastic. The supernatural elements and elaboration made the book uniquely captivating.

Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for providing an arc in exchange for an honest review.

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